Our Approach

Christmas is a special time of year, especially here in Wyoming, the Cowboy State.  To honor Christmas and what it truly represents, our Family create a Yuletide light show extravaganza every December.  It’s a form of prayer, besides being entertaining to young and old alike.  We invite you to share the joy of the season with us, whether in person or via our web-page,  If you’re so inclined, you can donate through “About” section’s PayPal donation button, to help to defray the costs we incur for the technology and electricity required to present our Christmas Light Show to you and everyone else.  Thank you!

Our Story

We were inspired years ago by artistic Christmas light shows we had seen, and decided to create our own.  Since then, it’s become a Wyoming tradition, filled with beauty, nostalgia, and happiness.  Enjoy!

Meet the Team

Our whole family works together as a team dedicated to bringing you the best Christmas light show we possibly can!  Each year, it gets better and more beautiful!  The Wagner Family invites you to partake in the joy of the season with us and the rest of the world!

Brian & Danielle Wagner

Proud Parents

On behalf of our entire Family, we wish you the joy of Christmas all year long!


Haley is a great daughter, and one of the most caring people we have ever met.  She has volunteered for many non profits, and is one of the board of directors for Christmas in Wyoming.  She is a member of the city champion Jr high voleyball team.


Amanda is an amazing 12 year old, and a great daughter.  She has helped a lot with the design and setup of our shows for menu years.  She is also the assistant director of operations at Christmas in Wyoming.  She has also done a lot of other volunteering for other non profit organizations.  She is also an award winning dancer.

Next Steps…

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