The Mission of Christmas in Wyoming

The Wagner Family hosts remarkably artistic light shows which not only entertain people, but which also persuade them to donate money and food to such charities as Joshua’s Storehouse (a free food-bank) and Camping with a cause.  Besides Christmas, the Wagner celebrate the season of Halloween with a show appropriate to that holiday.

Christmas is always special, but in Wyoming, even more

There’s a special magic about Christmas in Wyoming, the Cowboy State!  Here in Wyoming, cattle outnumber the human population.  And, there are an awful lot of sheep, too!  Plus, wild animals abound, including bison (North American buffalo), moose, elk, deer, antelope rabbits, eagles, hawks, owls, and many other species.  The fishing is great, too!  Snow is no stranger to Wyoming, and it’s right pretty, especially at Christmas time!

Christmas – a Special Time of Year

Christmas is a special time of year, especially in Wyoming!  Come enjoy it with us, whether by visiting us in person or by the Internet!

Wyoming – Rural Beauty

Wild & Wonderful!

Wyoming is still the way most of America used to be – mostly breathtakingly beautiful and unspoiled.  Our Christmas in Wyoming light shows reflect the spirit of the Wild West.

Rugged Beauty at Christmas

Wyoming – Absolutely Breathtaking

Our light shows are not only technologically advanced, but also complement the natural beauty of Wyoming.

Wide-Open Spaces

You can’t get crowded in Wyoming!

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Our light shows are for good causes!

We encourage our visitors, whether they see our light shows in person or via Internet, to donate to Christmas in Wyoming so that we can donate to such charities as Camp with a Cause and Joshua’s Storehouse.




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Please donate to Joshua’s Storehouse.  Bless you!